21st Century Care 


Aging Life Care Management 
and Fiduciary Services

Julie Menack,  MA, CMC, CLPF
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, No. #346
Certified Aging Life Care Manager
Masters in Gerontology, San Francisco State University
Julie’s calling comes from a deep commitment to supporting an individual’s quality of life, independence, and dignity. 
With, always, an eye on an individual's quality of life, she is a devoted advocate and works to provide each client with a
holistic plan of care that includes both personal and financial support. 
Julie holds an MA degree in Gerontology and has written and presented extensively on the use of long distance caregiving and the use of technology to assist individuals who with issues of safety, health monitoring, and communication and on fiduciary ethics.
CEO & Founder
  • Teaches the Conservatorship Workshop required by the Contra Costa County Court to family members who wish to be appointed by the court
  • An Advanced Level member of Aging Life Care Association (formerly National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers). 
  • Author of chapter in "Handbook of Geriatric Care Management"
  • Member, Hope Hospice Ethics Committee
“We were always worried about the oldster; what to do; how to get the best possible care; were we doing enough?  Then we hired Julie and were able to stop worrying.  We knew Mom was getting the best possible care and that enough was being done for her". ~ C&B
Courtney Blair, MSW, CMC
Certified Aging Life Care Manager
Masters of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley
Courtney has been doing geriatric social work in the Bay Area for 19 years, after getting her MSW from UC Berkeley in 1996.  
She was inspired at Berkeley to become an advocate for older adults and has dedicated her work to improving the quality of life for seniors a from every background.
Prior to joining the team at  21st Century Care Solutions, Courtney’s emphasis was on senior housing and assisted living in the East Bay.    She has worked in assisted living and Hospice and taught social service classes at Berkeley City College for 4 years. 
Courtney considers herself a history buff- she loves hearing each client’s life story- where they came from, what they have experienced, what makes them who they are; then using that information to preserve their dignity and current lifestyle. She truly feels this is her calling.  
"Courtney came very highly recommended to us. She was very caring and compassionate and addressed our Mom and Dad directly showing us that she genuinely liked elderly people and that she was there to get to know them, understand their needs and put a plan together that fit their particular situation. 
She found a caregiver that quite literally blew our minds and almost two years later is still caring for Dad.  Although Mom has passed, before she left this world she told the Caregiver that she loved her.  Courtney continues to oversee Dad's health issues and he loves her and always looks forward to seeing her."
Deb Hollinger 
While updating client records, scheduling appointments, arranging for transportation, and facilitating the distribution of legal documents to providers is all very interesting, and shopping on line for the items clients request is absolutely the coolest job ever, Deb’s favorite thing at 21st Century Care Solutions is being the first point of contact for people who call our Office.  Whether it’s a client or their family member, friend or caregiver, a medical, legal or financial representative, or a colleague out in the field, she enjoys serving as the connection between the caller and the result that they need.
Deb has more than 25 years of experience in Human Resources, office management, and customer service.  Add to that her personal experience as a caregiver, with an interest in quality of life for people with special needs and for the elderly, it is easy to see why she’s at home with the clients and staff at 21st Century Care Solutions.
"The secretary at 21st Century Care Solutions bares acknowledging here as well because the support she gives is a vital part of the overall picture of a really remarkable group of people that have and are doing an outstanding job of being there in every way possible to support what they believe and exude in all they do to make our lives and the lives of people who are entrusted to their care as happy and joyful as possible".
Alexa Baranov
Client Care Bookkeeper
Alexa Baranov manages client’s bills and oversees that client’s finances are being delegated responsibly. She maintains monthly income and expenses to ensure well organized client financial files.  Alexa also supports administrative duties in the office such as answering to client’s needs and assisting the care staff.
She is an ambitious young woman who is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in accounting and business administration.  Alexa is an experienced photographer who enjoys creating positive social impact with her art. She has goals of bettering her community and creating a brighter future for generations to come.  
Mia Ousley
 Billing Manager
Mia ensures the financial stability and accountability of 21st Century Care Solutions.
With a background in economics, accounting, and journalism, Mia is detail oriented and thorough in all aspects of making sure that the accounting records are accurate and current.
 Her background includes many years preparing legal accountings for the court system.  In her own words, she says “I love the peace of mind it brings knowing just how ethical and responsible all my colleagues are here at 21st Century Care Solutions.”
Jennifer McDonald-Peltier, MS, ATP
Assistive Technology Specialist
Jen has a teaching credential and a Masters Degree in Special Education.  She has been helping people use digital technology for the last 16 years and is a RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professional.   She has worked with clients of all ages, needs, and demographics.  She meets clients where they are at, helps them see the possibilities digital technology has to offer them, and works patiently with them to build their digital literacy.   Under her tutelage clients learn how to connect with friends and family, news and information, and entertainment both in their neighborhood and around the world.
'I live a long way from my Dad, who lives in a retirement home. Dad has mobility issues, and his dementia is worsening with time. The 21st Century team takes care of coordinating medical care and transportation, and checking on Dad's physical and emotional well-being. Their conversations with me are friendly, realistic, and beyond helpful. I could probably keep my Dad safe from a distance without them, but I'd be emotionally exhausted myself. The 21st Century team is the glue holding my situation together.'